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• dressed up: DL relounged • the subliminal changes

• After nearby two years it is about time for some minor enhancements.

What´s new

• We are not longer only on kultur-in-berlin.de but also on directorslounge.net
The new adress reflects that Berlin is only one of many places where we are active and, at the same time, serves as an additional space to make the hosting of Directors Lounge television more easily and flawless. Both domains remain active and serve as mirrors for each other.

• The tiny little white field on the right allows you to search all pages of Directors Lounge. Due to the seperated domains you hve to choose between
directorslounge (directorslounge.net), our main page that includes all videos on Directors Lounge television and DL archive ( kultur-in-berlin.de) that includes all pages from the very first days. Additional informations may be digged in the realms of placeboKatz and if there´s still something missing you can still scan the remaining rest of the net.

elsewhere, beyond the searchbox, you will find short links to all kinds of everything that we believe might be of interest. This selection will constantly change.

• please note that both features, the search box and elsewhere, may be invisible if your browser settings are too restrictive.

• We finally started feeding the masses. By subscribing to our news feed you keep up-to-date with all news regarding Directors Lounge as soon as they appear in here. Some information about how to use a feed can be found here (english) and here (german). Many browsers like Firefox and Opera have already integrated feed readers. A feed can be seen as a dynamic bookmark that informs you about new content on a specific page.We highly encourage you to use this feature as it will replace our email news.

• A new favicon prevents you from getting lost between
the old and the new pages.

• Many changes are invisible, the complete page is rewritten from scratch hopefully making it the smoothest Lounge ever.

• Compliments, base flattery and notes about bugs, glitches and miserable failures are welcome.






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