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Team Directors Lounge

artistic direction
André Werner
Joachim Seinfeld
Longest F. Stein
Klaus W. Eisenlohr (Urban research)
Marina Foxley (Chinese cinema)
Kim Collmer

international relations corporate consultancy
Nadya Eva Mazviita Cazan Cassini

guest curators
Prof.Daniela Butsch
Prof.Kristin Bergaust
Zhu Rikun (Fanhall Studio/Beijing)
Lynn Loo
Ram Deveneni
Dr Shaun Wilson
Catherine Forster

graphic design
Ania Rudolph

press and public relations
Elke Thiele

web purrfect

Thomas Leinhos

assistant to the management
Marina Foxley (FR)

and many, many friends
collaborators know each other and say nothing


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